Yamada ryosuke dating rumors

Oh how she loved saying it, that Yamada Ryosuke was her boyfriend. The older boy opened his arms as Yuri ran towards him and hugged him. ” Yuri called out, deciding to visit his best friend’s classroom.She had been crushing on him for so long, and when she confessed, she practically jumped for joy when he accepted her love. Their relationship as best friends was known throughout the campus, but Mirai just couldn’t believe what had happened.“Sorry for being late Ryo-chan! And that was when the realization popped into her head. “You and I are not close enough for you to call me that.” Umika nodded her head as Ryosuke lifted his manga back to continue on reading. His was getting boring, and Yuto was in Ryosuke’s class as well.I honestly don’t understand why people are worried that Yamada is going to leave and do a ‘Yamapi’ cause he absolutely loves JUMP and you can see he won’t be able to go on without them.(proven when he had to do Mystery Virgin) ” – Anonymous. AND HE DOESNT HAVE TIME TO DATE SOMEONE AND JOHNNYS ENTERTAINMENT WOULDNT ALLOW IT ANYWAYS.not yet, actually he has no plans of having one yet. he excused that it was not really dating, it is just that they were from the same prefecture--Kanagawa. and lastly, the widely publicized Kobayashi Tairane, he was just laughing about it, because it is not true and there is no talent that goes by the name Kobayashi Tairane.“Yes, Ryuu, it’s obvious that he’s in love with the JUMP squirrel.” Ryutaro’s eyes widened as he turned to Tao. ” And Tao rolled her eyes as she walked towards Ryosuke, Yuri, and Yukito.Ryutaro really was blind, but she was willing to wait.

She was currently walking to her classroom with Ryutaro when both of them spotted Ryosuke near their classroom. “Looks like Yama-chan’s waiting for you.” He teased, Tao sighing.Yama-chan is johnnys, so there is no way he can say things like this if J&A think that this rumor is going too far then they can block Twice everywhere. “Yama-chan~” Mirai shouted out, running towards her boyfriend. Her heart fell as Yuri ran past her and towards Ryosuke.) - Kota - Takaki - Hikaru - Keito - Kei - Daiki - Ryosuke - Yuri ! x) Hope it helps :3And Tobikkos, tell me if I’m wrong : D Don’t hesitate to Confess ! JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE IN THE SAME DRAMA, AND HAD TO ACT LIKE THEY LIKE EACH OTHER A BIT, DOESNT MEAN THEY ARE REALLY DATING.