Yahoo finance not updating real time

✔ Real time Intraday Charts: In stocks list & symbol details.✔ Time Saving Links: Organizes stock market web links related to your stocks for quick investment research. Setup a link template once for your whole portfolio.

10/2/15 Getting closer, but this isn't horse shoes....Can now begin to see what the app is about, but when I try to add a new symbol it crashes - every time.9/3/15 SHORT THIS APP: will not run on x64 PC, Win 10 Have no problems with other apps or software, but this paid app only launches and closes. If it were a public company I would short the stock.TONS OF USEFUL FEATURES ✔ Works for stocks on tons of stock market exchanges around the world!✔ Real time quotes and volume from major stock markets: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, London, Germany, Italy, Taiwan.