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The only rabbi known to offer an Orthodox conversion class in the United States, Rabbi Maury Kellman of New York, has a yearlong curriculum for his Manhattan Mechina L’Giyur that covers Jewish philosophy, law, history and ethics; field trips to places like Brooklyn and Israel; and occasional Shabbaton weekends.Prospective converts are expected to adopt Jewish practices, join an Orthodox Jewish community and regularly attend synagogue. Spiritual seekers, non-Jews dating Jews, gentiles drawn to Judaism through friends and those who converted through other Jewish denominations.

Daughter Betty Jagoda Murphy laughed and sang along with the crowd.Requirements: Commitment to performing all the Torah’s commandments according to Orthodox interpretations of Jewish law.Preparation: In most cases, regular study with a rabbi and/or religious mentor. Pease traces more than 100 years of major theories put forth to explain the phenomenon of Jewish achievement, using the technique of a Chronology to expose the strengths and flaws of each theory over time.He puts nature (genetics) and nurture (Jewish culture) under an unrelenting microscope, drawing on recent research into the impacts of culture as well as the breakthroughs in genetics following completion of the Human Genome Project.