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Everything the girl is saying indicates she’s interested but at some point, I’ll text her and get no response.

You don’t want to make a move without one as it could be seen a creepy or misleading depending on which party does or does not want the “move.” It’s always great when the woman makes the first move, but I feel like it’s more my responsibility as a man.

I also don’t really think it matters, but society has sort of dictated that that is the man’s “job” for better or worse.9.

What does it mean when a guy won’t commit to plans?

If you have a good time with a girl but you have to remember that a guy might be talking with a few others.

Second is that maybe the guy didn’t have that good of a time and wants to just be polite. It could be that he’s not sure if you thought the date went well and he doesn’t want to be rejected, maybe he was looking for something casual and he realized the woman was looking for a relationship and he didn’t want to be an asshole and lead her on.