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"I understand the issue, I understand the cause, and it is a noble one, but I don't think it's relevant in the case of Unity," said Amancio. So that's the micro side of the issue: they've made a dumb decision at some point in development and now they're trying to explain it away rather than doing the astonishingly obvious thing they should do instead, which is fix it.But you're also saying that you did think it was relevant at one point. Pulling back a bit, though, this story is merely a symptom of a wider problem in video games to which we - and I include myself in this - generally turn a blind eye: video games are still terrible at this stuff and it is preventing them becoming all that they can be.

To use the Assassin's Creed Unity example, you can imagine someone standing up to the director and saying, "I know these co-op partners aren't technically avatars, but women should still be represented because it's important to represent women in our games." And perhaps the creative director would be able to empathise with that and realise that it wasn't just a nice extra to have, but a fundamentally important part of making a game. This is also why Amancio is horribly wrong about the relevance of this issue to Assassin's Creed Unity, because up to now Assassin's Creed has been setting a decent, if not spectacular example. It always let you play as women in multiplayer (cutting multiplayer from Unity certainly has not helped this situation).And for every one of them, there are - probably literally - one hundred men in vests or space armour going through ultraviolent neck-stabbing journeys of tender self-discovery. I was talking to a friend yesterday and he made an interesting suggestion.He pointed out that huge companies like Ubisoft all have policies governing employee behaviour.In that game, everyone playing appears to themselves, in their own world, as Aiden Pearce, but they will perceive any human invaders as random hackers, and should they invade another world then they will appear to the host player as a random hacker.Amancio is saying that it is the same in Unity: that you always appear to yourself as Arno, but your appearance in another player's game is different.