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Believe me, that’s a better option than dancing on hot coals trying to decide if your ex partner is still in love with you or not. Music has a huge amount of control over human emotions, and there are few things that can immediately change a person’s mood as effectively as music.If a sad song comes on the radio, change the song to a more upbeat one.But the worst part comes in the morning, when you get up with a splitting headache, a lousy feeling in your stomach, depressions, and a totally miserable and painful heartache. Find new places to hang out in, and new memories to keep your mind occupied.This will only make you feel worse and helpless, and right now, you need to feel like you’re in total control of your life. Make a few new friends if you have to, anything to stop you from thinking about painful memories.At some point in your life, if not already, the proverbial “shit happens”.And all you really want to do after that is try and figure out how to get over a broken heart.Grow up and learn to control your emotions, however hard it may seem. It’s easy to drown your sorrows in deep colored intoxicating liquids. Don’t dedicate a song to your ex on the radio, in an effort to woo them back. The worst part is that your ex already knows you want them back, and they don’t care about it. #5 AVOID YOUR EX’S HANGOUT Don’t stray into your ex’s territory.Force yourself to listen to fun, exhilarating music instead of sad, sappy ones. It may help you forget your ex for a few hours, or you may even end up crying over it with the bottle in your hands. You wouldn’t be welcome, and if you find your ex having a great time there, that would only make you feel terrible.

After some time has passed, when you feel you’re ready to move on, you can go back to living normally, and that means hanging out at these places and reconnecting with your mutual friends.Soft words make you feel like there could still be a chance for the both of you, maybe even in the far future, and you end up thinking about your old love over and over again.What you need is a clear answer that they want to break up with you because they’ve had enough with you.In this post I have put together a few tried and tested recipes for GAPS desserts I make on a regular basis and also get a good feedback on from my clients.Needless to say, these GAPS desserts are not only for individuals who follow the GAPS diet, they can also be enjoyed by all who are looking to add simple, nutritious and delicious desserts or snacks to their menus.