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Coupled with the secretive location and stories from faraway places, I forgot that I was in Melbourne (my hometown) until it was time to leave.

Gabriel was happy to hang around after the show and meet his audience and share an extra few laughs which was lovely.

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In volume 20 of Smith Journal (out now, by the way), we caught up with ex-Black Flag frontman, spoken word artist, actor and activist Henry Rollins.

Participating in an outdoor activity with your date can be very uplifting.

Whether it be attending a baseball spring training game, art festival, hiking or camping, engaging in an outdoor activity can add another dimension to your relationship.

Gabriel is able to lead the audience away with him during his stories, so the audience feels like they go on the same adventures with him.

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Sometimes it’s those random walks that lead to great things. But as soon as you stop seeing people who look like you on the street, chances are you’re in the right place. WHEN YOUR SELF-ESTEEM HAS TAKEN A BIT OF A BATTERINGIt can be hard to see that you are someone who is worth having around. Suddenly, your compass has an accurate reading for North. As soon as you can, if you can, be that for person for someone else.

Gabriel has a friendly personality, and at points during the show he would ask questions of various audience members (which I’m unaccustomed to).

When some audience members sent a couple of one liners / jokes Gabriel’s way, he was able to laugh along or ‘disarm’ them in a relaxed fashion.

Okay, okay enough with the Harry Potter references – I hear you.

On the stage is a paparazzi photo of Daniel Radcliffe from a movie premiere, propped up on a chair.