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In the next article we will understand various return types of asynchronous methods. Note: 2008 and older issues are only available as files.Above all I want to invest in people I believe in and promote a company that I know represents my values. In order to mitigate the technological risks of re-engineering the existing line-of-business application, I was assigned to research, prototype, and make recommendations about chosen core technologies.I worked on a number of customer projects for the Solutions Delivery department as well as several internal development and marketing projects. NET MVC, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2005/2008, IIS 7, Visual Studio 2008 Team System, Team Foundation Server 2008, Subversion, Team City, MSTest, NUnit, Rhino Mocks As part of the company’s growth strategy, I split the existing corporate website into three distinct websites and augmented the functionality of each. I am happily employed at enotes.com, so I’m not looking for opportunities at this time!My goal is to bring experience, maturity, focus, knowledge, and a healthy amount of hubris to my job in order to tackle both technological and personal challenges.

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Task In this article we have discussed the basics of asynchronous techniques, I hope you have understood the concepts.Welcome to the Asynchronous Programming in C# 5.0 article series. This article explains asynchronous programming in C# 5.0 with suitable examples.I hope you have had good experiences with C# and you already understand the concept of asynchronous technique, what it is, and what its value is in applications. This will be a quick explanation of the entire concept, then we will explain two very important keywords in the world of asynchronous programming, called async and await. If you are a senior web developer (at least 5 years in this field) then you have a lot of experience with the bad response time of web applications.In C# 5.0 Microsoft has given us the ability to write our own asynchronous code with C#.Before starting with an example I would like to discuss two master keywords of asynchronous programming, called async and await. Async This keyword is used to qualify a function as an asynchronous function.