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Astrid S; “Good In Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood; “Let It Be” by James Bay What do you want?Well, it’s obvious the answer you’re looking for is not that simple because you haven’t officially ended things yet. You still have feelings, but you miss the way things used to be in your relationship.

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Another option is a Syrah, preferably a French Syrah, which many describe as a wine that “howls out of the glass” (sort of like your ex may be doing in the privacy of his/her bathroom).

Playlist: “Like You” by EXES; “Tears” by Clean Bandit (ft. You’ve both reasonably assessed the relationship and truly agree you’re better off either as friends or far, far, away from each other.

I’d suggest trying a Port wine, which is a sweet fortified wine from Portugal.

You may have thought Warner was going to propose like poor Elle Woods here, but life is unpredictable and people fall out of love.

Give it a few months and you’ll begin to see the “good” in goodbye. Looks like you didn’t graduate at the top of your class.