Wildest cam

Soon, Choice Tool was shaving hours of manual polishing time from high surface finish jobs by using toolpath refinement and operating equipment on a lights out basis to do all the extra fine finishing.

Roughing costs are two-fold—the long amounts of time it generally takes to remove the material and the costs associated with replacing worn tooling.Opti Rough constantly monitors tool engagement and adjusts the toolpath to maintain a consistent load on the workpiece and the tool.After the training, Choice Tool began using Opti Rough extensively.Finishing costs include the time it takes to write complex CAM programs with the minute stepovers that the moldmaker hopes will result in mirror finishes, along with the numerous hours it takes to hand polish areas that come off the machine without complying to the user’s surface finish specifications.These hours are not only expensive, but also tend to be anxiety-ridden because there is a customer somewhere waiting for the delivery of his mold and he will only be getting it after hours of tedious manual polishing has been completed.