Who is the saturdays dating

Besides, she’ll need The Saturdays girls around her to return those babysitting favours when her time comes!

The 24-year-old has opened up on her abuse of alcohol, which began in 2010 as she turned to the hectic celeb party circuit. Y., mainly because I didn’t want to be hassled by men and just wanted to drink."In this year, Vanessa was the only single girl in The Saturdays - so spent every night out on the town.

Mollie King The Saturdays singer admits she is a bit nervous about going out on dates now she is single again following her split from model David Gandy. At first I was like, 'Ah, I'm single, what do you do?! My friends tell me to go on and get out there, and if Mr Right comes along then great. I find it very hard to meet people - I feel like everybody meets on apps these days. When it's the other way round, I'm that pushy friend saying: 'Go on the date, you'll have a great time, you can dress up, have fun!

“I’m scared of forgetting the routine and I don’t want the judges to be super nasty, I know that they are quite harsh when they want to be, especially Craig,” she told the Standard. If you’ve forgotten the moves you can always look over and four others are doing it so you can get back into it,” she said.singer also silenced the rumours that she may be ditching London for LA to be closer to her American beau. “I’m proud to be British and will always consider it my home.“I miss the skyline and fry-ups with friends at the weekend when I’m away. We’re glad to Molls isn’t being snapped up by the Sunshine State any time soon.Just before the All Fired Up tour in 2011, Vanessa realised her constant boozing was affecting her voice, and called Rochelle Humes in a crisis.After staying with her bandmate for two weeks, Vanessa took it as a sign to quit her drinking – and has dramatically toned down her partying ways.