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Dancers dressed all in white performed to the beat of live drum music and the actor's former karate teacher entered the room ahead of Young's mother, writer Velma Love, blessing the ground in front of her as she walked in.

Some of the mourners were dressed all in white, too, as a nod to Young's Ifa practice.

After taking over the showrunner reins last season, Jan Nash had the foreboding task of dealing with star Lee Thompson Young's death before diving into anything else.

So, the promise of Season 6 offered a bit of a reset."We wanted to start fresh in Season 6 ...

(AP Photo/Dan Steinberg, file), adding, "For the sake of their children, they ask for respect and privacy as they navigate this time in their lives." Their daughters are Finley, 11, Avery, 9, and Emery, 5."We're not done with the season yet, so that can change."The real problem is that the actors who have recurred as their other halves get scooped up for series regulars roles elsewhere, the latest being Enver Gjokaj on . "I will say that we are grateful to have such a devoted audience," she says."We should just put out there that you should come here to be their boyfriends because then you'll get a series regular on another show," Nash jokes. Come here, do four or five episodes and then you'll get a steady job on another show. "There are so many shows that don't make it out of their first seasons and many of those that do don't make it out of their second seasons.Among the mourners was Angie Harmon, who broke down in tears while speaking about her late costar, an eyewitness exclusively tells E!News."It was really hard to hear her because she was in tears," says a friend of Young's who attended the private gathering.