Who is akshay kumar dating

He expected me to forgive and take him back every time.

I did that for three years, until it was the last round,” Raveena said in an interview.

Raveena, who was already dealing with Akki’s flamboyant nature could not take this anymore.

“I think loyalty meant a lot to me but it did not mean so much to him.

In a joint interview in 1997, Akshay confessed, “We started off as friends.

In the midst of her conversation with Rocky, Akshay apparently grabbed the phone and asked her if she could meet him that evening at a suburban restaurant. She was an actress whose beauty set the screen afire.However, while half of India’s male population fantasised about Raveena, the sultry actress had only one love – Akshay Kumar.At least such has been the case for a year.” The two were ready to take this relationship to the next level but Akshay had a condition.It was well known that Akki preferred that his wife be a stay-at-home mum.