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The show was successful throughout its 4-season run, and made bona-fide celebrities out of the entire family. Most people, even to this day, probably don't realize that there's a third Osbourne child named Aimee, who opted out of the reality show.Aimee, now 32, had just turned 18 when MTV came knocking on her family's door, but her decision to remain off camera meant she had to make some quick decisions about her own future.Her films include GOD Bless Ozzy Osbourne, Punk’s Not Dead, and Live Freaky! In 2002, during the second season of The Osbournes, Kelly dated Bert Mc Cracken, lead singer of rock band, The Used.Kelly Osbourne Education: She was dropped out of the 10th grade.

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became MTV's highest-rated show ever (they were knocked off their throne in 2011 by a group of guidos and guidettes) and even though Ozzy was famous for decades before, he suddenly shared the spotlight with his wife, Sharon, and two teenage children, Jack and Kelly.The family, minus Aimee, starred on the hit MTV reality show at the time."There's always a little seed of truth to everything that gets reported, but then it gets very distorted."She made her comments a week after Ozzy wrote on Facebook, "Just to set the record straight, Sharon and I are not divorcing...She's been called everything from “recluse” to “hermit” to “Marilyn Munster” for her choice to stay away from the reality TV juggernaut. I've lived through a lot of dark environments one way or another while growing up, and that has influenced my songwriting.These days, Aimee is making a name for herself as a musician under the name ARO (her initials: Aimee Rachel Osbourne), but she admits it hasn't always been easy. And, yes, I suppose melancholy is a running theme.”“I suppose I was the one that had to be in control a lot of the time. And, for me, watching people get out of control, and be indulgent and dramatic was… When you are already surrounded by that kind of thing, you either surrender fully and accept it as your destiny, or you think to yourself, ‘You know what?