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This gives you lots of funny images you can send to someone if they are pressuring you to send naked or sexual photos or videos of yourself.

Tell an adult you trust If the groomer keeps talking to you, it may be best to tell an adult you trust or report them.

The other person may end up showing them to other people or use them to blackmail you.

For example, they may say they'll post them online if you don't send more images. If a sexual image or video of you has been shared online you can make a report to the Internet Watch Foundation without anyone getting involved.

If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable because they're saying or doing sexual things to you, you should tell someone what is happening.

Talk to a Childline counsellor – they'll always try to help you.

And there are ways that you can report your concern.

Ask the person to stop As a first step, you might want to deal with the situation yourself.

We're here to listen and give you the support you need. If you share sexual photos or videos of yourself with someone, you may lose control over them.Imagine all enterprise functions automated by software and performed through a single point of access, which happens to be a virtual agent with cognitive capabilities.You can stop imagining and start thinking about the repercussions, because this is much closer than you may think.If someone is an abuser, they might be nice to you, give you their attention and buy you presents. Once you start to trust them more, they might try to start to turn your relationship into something more sexual.They might try to give you gifts or even threaten you with violence so that you don't tell anyone.