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However, most webcams come with a filter installed to block out IR light.This makes the image less washed out but it keeps you from being able to see in the dark (using IR illumination).Some people just pry off the lense with a screw driver to get to the IR filter, but in my webcam model, this was not so easy.There is a black plastic ring glued above the lense and plastic donut shaped holder which was also glued in.

The picture is a bit blurry.i have tried the look into ur remote before and i can already see it, but it doesnt light anything when im in the dark. and i have taken my camera apart and i can see that there is a little piece of glass at the VERY back with kinda pinkish purply tint, is this the filter??

yeah, the pinkish purply thing is probably the filter, that's what mine looked like.

even with the filter in you can sometimes see the remote IR LED a little bit, but with the filter out you'll be able to use the remote control's LED as a small flashlight in the dark (have to hold it close to things to illuminate them with the IR)..wouldnt detect the ir rays frm the had a filter...cant c in the dark cos therz no ir light IR LED to throw some ir light..then it will be able to c in the dark....

The IKASU has 6 white LED's on the front which are operated by a photocell, im tempted to replace these with 6 Infra red LED's to see what the results are like.after i took out my webcam`s r-cut filter the image was blur..after i took out the objective lens.became this possible??

i thought that the webcam needed the lens to help it focus?