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I had to prove to myself that I could do it, and am thrilled that I can tell you here that I was successful - and that if you want to make your own back saw, I will be the last one to say you can't.I've arranged this writing of the steps of making a backsaw into different "chapters" and created an index that would make it easier for those who want to skip over certain parts - or to come back for information on a certain portion of the process.

Reverse Side: Void indicated by arrow is a result of the unsophisticated hammering process to shape the blade."It requires a machine shop to be able to pull it off, and a sharpening service to cut the teeth...".I thought to myself, no way -I've done teeth without any fancy machine, and the old time saw makers of the 1800's surely didn't have all access to a machine shop, much less a modern one.The saw has been examined by notable American and British experts who agree it is an American tool.In the mid 18th century there were no Johnsons making saws in Great Britain.