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Sometimes their relationship is strained since Max is constantly making fun of him, but most of the time they're friends.

Before Oleg dated Sophie he would constantly stare at Max's breasts, and was often trying to convince Max to have sex with him.

Despite her poor background and apparent no-care attitude, she has attended college, but she had to take out student loans to attend. The first season for Max is about her new found friendship and her newly-found business.

She gets together with Caroline to build their dream business A Cupcake Shop.

She also claims to be good at manipulating people and is notorious for being habitually rude towards the customers in the diner, especially if the customers are proving to be annoying. Max is nice and caring and apologetic to people when she hurts their feelings.Max asked Deke if he was a drug addict, upon seeing him take a needle out of his bag.He explained that he was a diabetic and he needed to inject himself with insulin.Later in the series, Johnny tells Max that he is engaged, to a different girl, having split up with Cashandra a couple of weeks ago.Later on still, Max and Johnny decide to have a relationship with each other, but soon after they realize that they only want one another when they are dating someone else, and decide to split up.