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The video chat feature is built into the Carevium application. Since the caregiver takes the responsibility of handling the technology, seniors need not be tech savvy!Family member uses Access Anytime Care Connect component of the Carevium application.So just because you’re able to get by without “seeing” the people you work with doesn’t mean seeing faces doesn’t matter.It could just mean you’re missing out on the extra benefits of seeing face.It turns out, this remote manager wasn’t the only one who missed the interaction of face-to-face.CEO Rae Hoffman-Dolan is just one of many managers who puts Skype video chats at the top of her list of “6 Must Have Tools For Managing Virtual Employees.” Furthermore, a Microsoft Flexible Working report found that about half of their managers had issues with their “inability to talk face-to-face” with telecommuters.Video Chat via Carevium helps you have a face to face conversation with seniors living assisted living centers or living alone in their own home (aka aging in place).

It also makes me feel more productive and more connected to the group.Talking with people over VSee lets me feel like I’m not just talking with machines or a name on the screen, but with real people who have lives and personalities.It quickly clears up misconceptions that I sometimes build up about other people’s personalities or what they meant in an email.I more or less ignored the text at the time, shoving it onto my mental to-do list.Fifteen minutes later she VSee-ed me to talk about the request.