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Many use encryption but operate using insecure channels in which the keys are stored centrally and hide behind proprietary technologies that mask software weaknesses.As it happens, earlier in 2015 Facebook's Whats App started using the Text Secure platform (now called Signal – see below) from the Open Whisper Systems which improves security by using true end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy (PFS).

While it might not be the most secure, it can offer a good level of protection even in times of controversy.And although Facebook insists that it couldn’t read your Whats App messages even if it wanted to, critics have been suspicious since the buy – since Facebook's entire platform depends on data and advertising, and its own Messenger service is infamously intrusive.In terms of security, it's important to distinguish pure secure messaging apps from apps that happen to have some security, for instance the hugely popular Whats App and Snap Chat.Her objective is unlikely to be realised, as it's impossible for providers to decode messages sent through end-to-end encryption.Until the government can devise a more plausible intervention, the rise of secure messaging apps rise shows no sign of waning.