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Garden plans: Posh and Becks' new planning application shows the lengths they are going to create a green-fingered rural retreat at their Grade II-listed barn conversion.Pictured: Plans of the Beckhams' £6.15million restoration project in the Cotswolds Grand design: New plans show the family will create two gardens; an 'outer garden' made up of wild 'meadow grass' and surrounded by a huge native hedgerow.Pictured: Architect drawing of how the rural retreat will look In the sprawling two-acre site will be an orchard with 23 different types of trees.They include seven white oaks, eight cherry trees, a plum tree, nine apple trees, three holly trees, nine witch hazels and a maple.Pictured: Plans for their new 'two-tier' submitted with the council.Married to painter Louise Pragnell, whose portrait of the Duke of Kent is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Barnett has has won three Gold Medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and is seen as 'gardening royalty'. I think everyone wanted to sort of like just brush my hair.”Victoria Beckham Reveals Why She Never Smiles]" data-reactid="31" – the then-Victoria Adams was introduced to soccer star David at a Manchester United charity match and they started dating.

Recent photographs (above) of the site showed several diggers have been left abandoned in the garden, which is still a mudbath.

But proposals for an outdoor seating area to entertain friends were rejected and they have instead submitted plans for a 10ft-wide pergola, which can be removed if necessary.

They also wanted a huge swimming pool but have had to settle for natural swimming pond, using water recycled from the main house, sited within one of the courtyards so it cannot be seen from the road.

By then their first child, Brooklyn, had been born and Victoria and David sat on his and hers red velvet thrones at their reception with the baby’s crib at their side. “We have a date night every Wednesday.” So what is a typical Beckham date night like?

For the 0,000 affair, they employed 437 people and thought of every detail – down to the flag flying above the castle with the initials VBD for Victoria, Brooklyn, and David. Well, if they don’t go out for dinner or to see a concert, “We catch up on what we’ve missed on TV,” Victoria said.