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Appellate Court Case Information Update 28th September 2015 – As anticipated, James Safechuck Jr’s probate case was dismissed because it did not meet statute of limitations deadlines.

His civil case against Jackson’s companies will continue to work it’s way through the system.

When necessary, I’ll have a logical, practical, painless, and peaceful alternative to facing a future of pain, dependency, lack of awareness, no love, or abject poverty in old (hopefully) age.

That’s what Michael Jackson reminded us when he was accused of child molestation.

The appeal by the MJ companies was denied, and the case will be moving forward.

We expect the judges opinion to be available soon, if so we will publish it.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show became a cult classic. Over 1,000 “No Nukes” protesters were arrested on Wall Street on the 50 anniversary of the 1929 stock market crash.

Ultrasound became an alternative to x-ray radiation. 1980 saw the first professional actor in the Whitehouse following the lowest voter turnout in modern history.

Pluto takes twenty years to change astrological sign during which time it disintegrates, destroys, and transforms collective consciousness.I’m leaning toward the latter, his narcissism surely gave him confidence that he could silence them well into adulthood. Update 18th February 2016 Although Wade Robson had a hearing date scheduled for his case on the 16th of February, this didn’t go ahead. In March 2015 the MJ companies (MJJ Productions, Inc and MJJ Ventures, Inc) lodged a demurrer with the intention of having the case thrown out, which was denied by Judge Beckloff.An appeal against that decision was lodged by the MJ companies on 23rd November last year, and the decision came through on the 17th of February 2016.Spraying crops with pesticides ensures fewer bugs and weeds.It assures we eat drink and breathe toxic chemicals.