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The 'Now or Never' pamphlet came out BEFORE Pakistan was made and called for the establishment of a country called Pakistan in the North West corner of South Asia.The name was derived from the acronyms of the first letters of the regions involved.The word Stan just means country, although I have a feeling that one of the countries in Asia ends with the spelling Sthan, pronounced the same with the letter H silent although I am not sure which one.-istan is a suffix in the Persian language (Farsi), denoting a place. It does not just refer to geographical areas, as in bimarestan=place of the sick=hospital.

Even English words like 'mother (matra), 'father (pitra), etc. 'Stan' word occuring in Uzbekistan, Turmenistan, Kazhakistan, etc.Marco I am Born-Again Christian gentleman who has a big heart, honest, funny, creative, romantic seeking for the woman I will love, to marry, and to have children with. The individual questions you set out give a useful guide to find potential matches.Even in English, the words Stationary, State, and Standard are derivatives of the Stan root.Usually the country's name is formed by adding the nation's name (ie.