Updating unlocked blackberry

Thank you How do you track which apps are using the most data?I just switched from a Droid 4 to the S4 and received a notice that over 75% of my data has been used in under 3 weeks.I never received this notice before so it much be some of the apps that came on the phone, which is very annoying to me, why would..I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 I turned on the pin lock a couple weeks ago then didn't need it any more but there was no option to shut it off so I changed it to pattern, still wanted it off all together but hadn't time to stop by Verizon store.well last night I went to my truck to get phone, unplugged...Where can I fix this I am getting an insufficient memory message on my phone and purchased a 32GB card to supplement the memory, but keep getting the same message. It takes a while to press any key, and then sometimes it gets the number more than once, since I'm pressing repeatedly to try to hit when...Not sure to find out where things are being stored..files is unclear. After updating my Galaxy S4 to 5.0.1, the "Close all" button on the new recent apps screen crashes my phone into a blackscreen. last time i tried to put her verizon sim card in my unlocked french Iphone 4s, it didn't work.. If you can't remember your Gmail user name/password or your account has been locked, this info will help you.

I found it under swype but it will not let me add words. Every time I type my daughters name in a text it misspells. Jay3006 asked Verizon Wireless: Q: Is the 16 GB memory expandable? The 16GB of onboard memory is preset but the device also has expandable memory with a Micro SD card up to 64 GB. When I'm trying to "Press 4" while on a call, the keypad screen appears randomly for a second then disappears.

Verizon support says I can't do this and I want to verify it. I upgraded my phone (but not under a gift card / recycle offer) and want to give my old S4 phone to my friend. I've already reset the phone (wiped all my data) but I still have my sim card in it. My Bluetooth (Moto H730) or S-Voice says I need a network connection (data or wifi) in order to place a call. These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device. In my version, there is no "Log" tab that might show it.

My friend is a Verizon Wireless user already and has his... The bt works fine with the s4 connected to a wifi or data network. I would like to be able to use my bt without being connected to either a wifi or data network... This may help if you're having trouble sending a picture/text message. I'm using a Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 running 4.4.2 if that helps.

I've been dealing with it as is but I'd like to be able to turn off my alarm for work when I'm on vacation. I can access the weather, but when I try to open the alarm, I get an error message saying" clock not working" .

My alarm keeps going off at the last set time, but I cannot access it or change the time of the alarm.