Updating suse 9 2

Open a terminal/command line window and run zypper repos --uri to check what repositories are used and enabled on the system.

Make sure that the line that contains server1:~ # zypper repos --uri # | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | URI --- --------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------- --------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 | apache-third-party-12.2 | Third-party modules for the Apache HTTP server.

own Cloud Server 9.0 was released yesterday, delivering new collaboration features like commenting and tags, big scalability improvements and more advanced federation capabilities.

As promised, today we’ll tell you how to upgrade to the latest and greatest from the own Cloud community!

When it comes to stability and potential upgrade issues, we always urge users to test own Cloud Betas before of the release and to report any bugs you come across.

Only a test on your specific circumstances can tell you if a piece of software will work for you.

However, own Cloud 9.0 has seen significant testing, including by using our automated Smashbox testing.

Home users should check out the forums, which have a special section devoted to own Cloud 9.0 upgrades with excellent and up to date information.This minimizes the downtime and keeps you safe from errors like '404 File not foundÄ because someone upgraded a rpm on the webserver while you were upgrading. i'm old unix user (from 2005) I used Sony Vaio Lap Top with Intel icore processor. The update processing it takes a long, long, long time (over 2 1/2) but at last i did reboot the system and after i had the 12.3 version with Dolphin 2.2 and KDE 4.10. server1:~ # zypper repos --uri# | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | URI-- ----------------- ----------------------------------- --------- --------- ------------------------------------------------------------...7 | virtualbox | Virtual Box for open SUSE 11.4-12.2 | Yes | Yes | # ...enable the Virtual Box repository for Open SUSE 12.3 as follows: zypper addrepo --name "Virtual Box for open SUSE 12.3" virtualbox-12.3 At the time of this writing, there was no Virtual Box repository for Open SUSE 12.3, but this is just an example of how you'd do it.