Updating steam error

No aluminum canner (or pot for that matter) will work on induction burners without the use of an adapter plate.

(Note: the stainless steel model, not the aluminum model.) It has a flat bottom, which makes it smooth-top stove friendly, and is made of steel, which enables it to work with induction.

The experts who studied the process at the University of Wisconsin and the National Center for Home Food Preservation identified no downside.

We suppose the only downside is that steam canning does require a pot specially adapted for it, whereas water bathing could be done in any pot that you can jerry rig a bottom rack for. Any cooking vessel with a “wavy” bottom struggles to work satisfactorily on smooth stove tops because the heat transfer to those bottoms from flat tops is really inefficient.

A steam canner can be used for processing any home canned food product that a water bath canner could be used for.

That is to say, it must be high acid, which means a p H of 4.6 or under (preferably under.) Low acid foods must be processed in a pressure canner because a steam canner will never, ever get hot enough to kill off enough nasties for low acid foods.