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(Do near a window with no Obstructions or Outdoors if possible) Phone-6-16-GB/WScenario_542_55998_771_en_1390-dvc8320006prd Note: This will update both profile and PRLGo back to the "Freedom Pop Free Voice and Text" and Test.

If you still have issues, Contact Customer Support.

Press contacts at the bottom of the app and Look for the Little Sun Icon, outline(Gear Icon outline) top left of the app.

Click that Icon, It will open a new page, with your number and account information.(MDN) Number In "About Phone" Section- The Number found in Settings My Number, is the MDN (Mobile Directory Number).

6) Your Apple i Phone 6 restarts.7) Test your device to see if the issue is resolved. Note: You will need to reconnect to your local Wireless network after the reset.

Update to the Profile and PRL(Service Update)-Make sure you're using a good Wi-Fi signal before the update.

Make sure Airplane Mode is Off(Make sure it is pushed to the left No Green)Make sure you are using Freedom Pop Free Voice and Text. Make sure when making Calls and Text you are using Freedom Pop Free Voice and Text. Reset the network settings-Resetting the network settings reconnects your Apple i Phone 6 to the Sprint/Freedom Pop network and does not erase any of your content or data.1) From the home screen, tap Settings.2) Tap General.3) Scroll to and tap Reset.4) Tap Reset Network Settings.5) Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

This does not cause the loss of any information saved on your mobile device. It is always good to start with your account online.

You can find instructions by selecting the following link: https://support.freedompop.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3017/ For additional topics related to your concern, please visit our online Self-Help Knowledge Base at https://support.If your having connection issues, Please go online and make sure you have more than 100 mbs left on the account. You never know if you might find a discrepancy that causes a suspension. Make sure you are using the latest Freedom Pop Free Voice and Text App, update or Download.

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