Updating openoffice eeepc

This requires an external USB DVD drive, an XP installation disc with a valid Windows XP key, and the Asus DVD that came in the box with your Eee PC.Asus included a multi-purpose DVD with the Eee PC designed to handle everything from driver installation in Windows, to recovery of the original Linux operating system.Once that has completed, type “apt-get install gimp”, which will prompt you for a “y” a couple of times.After that the Eee PC handles the download and installation itself, and you are home free.After inserting the disc, it will automatically prompt you to install special ACPI drivers needed to correctly identify the notebooks hardware. SPECIAL NOTE: I highly suggest you go into the BIOS (press F2 during startup) at this time and change the boot priority so that the system checks the internal drive first, then the external optical device.If you don’t change this in the BIOS, and you let the disc stay in the drive, the system will load the recovery portion of the Asus DVD and restore to the original Linux system on each restart.

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Windows XP: A Whole New Ball of Hacks The next stage of this guide is covering Windows XP on the Eee PC.Now create a folder by typing “mkdir /home/user/.icewm”, and copying a configuration file to it typing “cp /etc/X11/icewm/preferences /home/user/.icewm/”.() Now you open a text editor by typing “nano /home/user/.icewm/preferences”.Then type in “deb xandros4.0-xn main contrib non-free”, and save your work. With that added, you can now install Gimp (and other applications inside that group).First you will want to refresh your notebooks software list by typing “apt-get update” and press enter inside the same root console.