Updating old christmas ornaments

– Wrap brown yarn around ornament as shown (this will be the chest) – Take the white and red yarn and place on top of brown yarn.– Grab all of the yarns in your hand and tightly tie at the bottom.Check out #Orignal Ornaments on Hometalk, for tons more incredible tutorials on DIYing amazing Christmas tree ornaments. I’m privileged to share another fun project challenge with my Michaels Makers friends; I hope you’ll love the variety of projects we’re bringing you.Our kids are always taking down our Christmas tree ornaments and playing with them. I fondly remember making our “skiing Kermit” ornament ski down mounds of laundry, blankets, and pillows.

– Hold the yarns on the cardstock and cut any one side.– Separate and shape the wings (the red yarn) at either side.– Thread a piece of white yarn at the top of the head and make a knot (this will shape the head). – Thread another piece of yarn or string at the top of the head to make a loop. I’m looking forward to making more with our daughter this weekend.– Take the brown yarn and tie a piece of yarn around the middle.– Remove hook from ornament and apply a generous amount of all over ornament.