Updating iwork

So if you're on the fence about updating because of the possibly nefarious ways you acquired your copy of i Work don't sweat it.

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8.1, .2, .3 effectively this does not mean you get a free upgrade to a significantly new version 3 years later e.g. In your case, its likely there was a temporary offer for a free upgrade initially to encourage customers to port to the Apple Store (for software download) rather than traditional disc installation.This is a refreshing stand point for a company like Apple to take.While this is a source and not an official release the reality of the updates goes a long way towards confirming it.Following the announcement that OS X Mavericks and updates for i Works and i Life would be provided free to current owners and new Mac customers, something interesting happened.Even users who were using trial, disc, or illegally downloaded versions of the software were receiving free updates. Glenn Künzler at Mac Trast experienced the free upgrade on his copy of Aperture, and then tested it again on a DVD version of i Life '09.