Updating firmware on wrt54g

It can be set up relatively easily, but it's recommended to use WPA to secure the links; I don't believe WPA2 is supported.I've never set it up myself, but it seems pretty straightforward, and it should even work with other brands of access point, such as Apple's Air Port models.Take a plain, ordinary (read: boring, with limited functionality) wireless router and supercharge it with cool features and lots more functionality, control, and diagnostics.There's much more under the hood of these devices than is accessible with the vendor's default firmware versions.This router also provides a second wireless network to provide a strong wireless signal for the downstairs residents / guests. And yes, other access points have no trouble extending this network even further.all equipment can be accessed or restricted by the system architect / administrator. I read up about this a few years ago and found people saying that each additional router you added into WDS slowed the network speed by half. The Clear modem has its own DHCP so the routers are configured as "switches" and there IPs fixed in the same rage.This is how i have my network set up so i can tell you for curtain that this works.Upstairs = DD-WRT router connected to cable modem and providing hard wire connections to a Network Accessible storage and a printer.

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However its serial # prefix is CDFB1FA............. Would this mod be suitable for this router or would there be potential problems in trying it. 5 & 6 use the 3rd-party a Linux firmware and require a special extra utility to deal with that VXWorks firmware build.

It's called firmware because it's not in the form of traditional "software" -- it's not on a moving disk.

It is stored on a non-volatile memory (NVRAM) chip.

Have you noticed a significant slowdown in your network speed? paying for the 3Mbps speed tier and I can put 3-3.5 from any point in the system. All LAN connections are made in the LAN ports of the routers. The reason I ask is that I have movies stored on a file sharing server, and am renting a large house.

Now, the movies will just barely stream within the current bandwidth limits, but the outer edges of the house have very weak signal strength. They don't recommend using this router, as it has less memory than older versions and uses a 3rd-party Linux firmware. 4.0 and below have 16MB of RAM and 4MB flash built in, but 5.0 and above have only 8MB/2MB.