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Exporting Black Berry Contacts Syncing Contacts to i Cloud Adding Contacts to i Phone Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to move your Black Berry's contacts over to an i Phone.If you're using a Black Berry Priv, follow the instructions for transferring contacts from an Android to an i Phone instead of the ones in this article.

Whatever you would like to sync between Mac and Black Berry – contacts, calendar entries, images, music or even whole folders – Sync Mate 4 will do this for you!Sync Mate 4 will keep data on your Mac in perfect sync with Black Berry phone. No matter which data you need to sync - contacts, calendars, media files, notes or stickies - all of that and even more can be synced with Sync Mate 4. If you've got i Tunes, Outlook, and Photos hooked up to the data you've pulled down from your Black Berry, this should be easy-peasy.If they say they're being synced to the cloud already, then hop on your i Phone, go into Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and make sure the appropriate sections within each account (including i Cloud) is disabled.