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ID photos are displayed on passports, driver's licenses, railcards, and employer-issued identification cards.

Most industrialized nations, with the exception of the United Kingdom and the United States, issue a single photo ID card as proof of age, identity, and citizenship.

In Eastern Orthodox religious imagery, a picture of Jesus, Mary, or an apostle or saint.

Click here to see a Byzantine icon of the Crucifixion, carved in ivory in the form of a plaque used as an inset in a treasure binding (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and also this painted example.

From the Greek word meaning "little picture"--a short poem describing the simplicity and innocence of rural, pastoral, or domestic life. An artist who decorates books by hand is an illuminator.

The origin of this literary form can be traced to Theocritus, who described pastoral life in Sicily for readers in Alexandria during the 3rd century B. , meaning "to give light." A manuscript or incunabulum richly decorated by hand with ornamental polychrome letters, designs, and/or illustrations highlighted in gold or silver.

A small graphic element or symbol displayed on a computer screen that the user can select with a pointing device such as a mouse to summon a menu of options, access a data file, or initiate a process or operation in an application program that uses a graphical user interface, for example, a small image of a trash can or recycle bin to which unwanted documents can be moved for disposal.

Identifiers are usually listed in a separate field of the index entry or bibliographic record, immediately following the descriptors. Also, a string of characters intended to uniquely identify a bibliographic resource.

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France provides the online exhibition A style of late medieval manuscript illumination in which the artist consciously creates the impression of a three-dimensional space on the two-dimensional surface of the page.

The 16th-century Master of James IV of Scotland, identified by some as the Flemish painter and illuminator Gerard Horenbout, is considered an adept in the style (see this example of his miniatures, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

In analytical bibliography, a detailed description of the most perfect copy of the first impression of an edition, based on close inspection of as many copies as possible, to which all other copies of the same impression, and any subsequent impressions, are compared in determining issue and state (adapted from A photograph made to document the identity of a specific individual or specimen (person, animal, plant) for legal, government, commercial, or scientific purposes.

Most ID photos of people are head shots taken from the front with eyes open (see this example) but profiles may also be taken.