Updating apt get repositories

Work on the UI portion of the project was abandoned (the UI directories were removed from the CVS system) after the first public release of apt-get.The response to APT as a dselect method and a command line utility was so great and positive that all development efforts focused on maintaining and improving the tool.The Deity name was abandoned as the official name for the project due to concerns over the religious nature of the name.

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apt uses location configuration file () to locate the desired packages, which might be available on the network or a removable storage medium, for example, and retrieve them, and also obtain information about available (but not installed) packages.apt provides other command options to override decisions made by apt-get's conflict resolution system.One option is to force a particular version of a package.Three such programs are performs actions on individual packages, apt tools manage relations (especially dependencies) between them, as well as sourcing and management of higher-level versioning decisions (release tracking and version pinning).APT is often hailed as one of Debian's best features, A major feature in APT is the way it calls dpkg — it does topological sorting of the list of packages to be installed or removed and calls dpkg in the best possible sequence. However, it only does this when it is unable to calculate how to avoid the reason dpkg requires the action to be forced.