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If there are changes to the configuration files, it is usually easier to update the existing files with changes.Before upgrading: In some cases, the Apache server could be at fault for the Adobe Media Server not running properly.This is sometimes caused by syntax errors in the Apache configuration files.Check the file in the 2010-06-22 4276 (w)2581414 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 5\Apache2.4\bin\httpd -f ./conf/-d "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 5\Apache2.4" -n AMSHttpd -k start returned 1: indicates a warning or error.The Apache root installation folder is The Adobe Media Server documentation uses “rootinstall” to indicate the Adobe Media Server root installation folder (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 4 by default on Windows).The Apache documentation and configuration files use “Server Root” to indicate the Apache root installation folder.To create a web directory for an application, add an alias to the Copy media files to the rootinstall/applications/hd/streams/_definst_/ folder to serve them over HTTP.

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Then copy the contents of newly-installed directories to the existing server.

The default location of the Apache log files is /Apache2.4/logs.

The logs are in the default Apache error and combined access log formats.

The Adobe Media Server installation of Apache is like the standard installation.

You can use Apache documentation for most configuration tasks.