Updating a white kitchen

Pale or buttery yellows nicely take the place of white cabinets or surfaces.They also pair well with existing brown and wood tones.Whether your style is minimalist modern or rustic chic, kitchen color ideas for your cabinets, backsplashes and accessories can range from understated grays to bold, glossy red.Even your hardware can be blinged out, as brass is making a huge comeback.It’s the perfect way to truly express the different sides of your personality, and ideal way to combine a few of your favorite kitchen color ideas.Creating a standout feature is a terrific way to introduce a new hue while updating your kitchen.

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One of the best ways to infuse gray into the kitchen is to replace or paint your cabinets.When choosing a yellow tone, be mindful of its intensity.Vibrant yellows are best used as accent colors throughout the kitchen; think bar stools, an accent wall or a backsplash.Since a little bling goes a long way, metallic accents in brass, silver or copper can be inexpensive and will definitely make a surprising and unique statement.Brass has made a huge comeback as an accent throughout the entire home.