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Soon he started only texting me at night, and we never hung out during the day anymore.When I finally confronted him about it, he said he didn’t want me to get the wrong idea about what he wanted.” If the hook-up is truly casual, then it shouldn’t disrupt the friendship you had beforehand in a negative way.“I assumed that we would hook up when we saw each other at a party, but he wanted it to be more of something that we did during the week.We were on completely different pages of what FWB meant, but once we talked about it, we were able to agree that in order for us to keep it casual, we had to both see other people.” While it helps to establish these boundaries before you get too deep into a FWB fling, if you’re still unhappy with the way things are going, have that conversation.Friends with benefits can seem like a great option, but there are times when it just doesn’t work.

It got so bad that we stopped speaking for a few months, so it definitely wasn’t worth going down that road.While it’s not exactly fun to see a recent hook-up out with another girl, if you find that hearing about your FWB’s late nights with someone else is affecting your own relationship with him or her or even affecting your self-esteem, it may mean you want something more than the casual label you currently have.“During my sophomore year, I started hooking up with someone I had been friends with for a while,” says Anna, a senior at the University of Delaware.“It has taken an unhealthy turn when he doesn't contact you for two weeks, and all of the sudden, he contacts you, comes over, has sex and leaves immediately,” Wygant says.While many casual hook-ups take this form in college, hooking up with a friend shouldn’t mean that your friendship goes out the window.