Unhappily divorced dating

It’s basically a rave about women who are of a similar age.

The writer says the women know what they want in a relationship.

Then, when DO50’s are first out of their marriage, the focus is just trying to keep their head above water while battling through the Survive Phase — sex may be among the furthest things from their minds. That probably wasn’t a priority during the early, Survive Phase of your process.

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Most Divorced Over 50’s report that their sex life during marriage, particularly toward the end of it, was extremely lacking.

In fact, several of the interviewees for Gray Divorce Stories acknowledged going years without having any sex as their marriages fell apart.

But what if you asked a divorced woman over 50 for the first word that pops into her head?

Well, there’s an excellent chance that word is “Yahoo! Hours and hours of intimate contact with almost two dozen divorced women over 50.