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We are still here over 40 years on, in a very different social climate, with a broader membership but with the same aims.The name comes from the Chevalier d' Eon de Beaumont, a celebrated French transvestite of the 18th Century.If the information is not yet listed, it's only because we've not got round to entering it yet, or you haven't let us know, it will be going in as soon as we've got accurate information to give you.The Society was founded in 1966 as a self help and social organisation for transvestites and transsexuals.

This includes support for surveys by recognised students on college and university courses involving research into ‘transgender’ related subjects, mainly through its magazine and website.

No personal information is passed to other members and the Society never supplies names and addresses to anyone inside or outside the Society without the member's express permission.

It is not even necessary to give your real address on your application form, as long as you provide some means for the Society to communicate with you.

The contact system allows correspondence with other members whilst preserving anonymity.

The Beaumont Magazine is more general in content with features, colour photographs, readers' letters and many articles on social events and helpful tips.