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Caution: This information is meant to highlight some of the disturbing situations and statistics related to the negative side of social technology — not to sensationalize — and may be difficult for some readers to read or view.

Whether we like it or not, sexting (sex-related text messaging), sharing sexy selfies (nude/ semi-nude self-shot photos), cyber-bullying and posting revenge porn have become part of online society.

It was a selfie so popular that when it got retweeted, it caused Twitter to crash.

The availability of reasonably good digital cameras on our smartphones has turned us into a nation of snap-happy amateur photographers, posting everything onto social media when we take pictures — and selfies are a part of that.

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Well, if the participants of sexting and sexy selfies are of age, are consenting adults, then you would think that there’s not much of a problem.

Sometimes one or both parties in a couple share images with other people.However, some of this anti-social behavior is not a side effect of technologies such as cell phones and text messaging, and the World Wide Web and social networking sites.Some of this behavior has actually been around since before the Web.Teen texting habits and cell phone/ smartphone ownership is likely contributing.According to a Mar 2012 report from Pew Research (“Teens, Smartphones & Texting”), text messaging volumes have gone up amongst teens (defined in the report as ages 12-17), rising from a median of 50 text messages / day in 2009 to 60 , with an estimated 75% of teens using text messaging.