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The Students’ Union Bar at what was then the Anglia Polytechnic College on Victoria Road hosted the festival in 1981, but again in 1982 the festival was not held.

This time it was due to difficulties obtaining a licence, and the objections of a few antagonist landlords.

We also had a dedicated cider bar and for the first time, asked a brewery (Woodforde's) if they would like to run a bar, as well as a local vineyard (Felstar) for the sale of locally produced wines.

The festival then moved another step closer to its current incarnation as cider and foreign beers were first sold at the festival.

It was when the Summer Festival outgrew the Students Union Bar, and in 2000 the Branch held its first Winter Beer Festival in that venue.

Although it was very hard work for the volunteers with long, hot hours, the festival was a resounding success, and we haven’t looked back.

Every year since, the Summer Festival has been an outdoor event with marquees.