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But how to develop a mobile chat app that stands a chance against the established brands?Buckle up, we are going to share our insights on building a mobile chat app!honestly I’m getting sick of hearing these new frameworks every week with tons of documentation that claim to be better that the other.I had tried to wrestle with Angular 1 a long time ago and I despised it, I wouldn’t wish learning it on my worst enemy, but I was curious about Angular2 and the vox pop’s surrounding it were all saying its better and faster to learn (btw its documentation is crap, but getting there) so I was sold and started to dig in…So rather than show a couple of beginner tutorials Im just going to dive straight in with a cool project, You will see lots of tutorials on putting and Angular2 together but most don’t work because they were built using those old Angular2 releases I was talking about and never upgraded with a new codebase, I know because I tried them all.This example uses a couple of things that might be new to you: Express Angular2Mongo DBNode JSMake sure you have Node JS installed and the package manager NPM or the more bleeding edge package manager by none other than Facebook, Yarn, which boasts increased speed an reliability for linking your packages etc, to be honest I havent delved into the technical specifications but I can say that I have never had an issue installing packages with it so theres no harm in having both npm and yarn installed.

We use our chat history as an information archive that we return to over and over again.

I started to learn it before it was even released, during its beta stages, which was an absolute pain in the a**e because every time a new update happened it would totally break my code and I would have to re-build my app but I think it has probably served me well because I started learning it as Google was building/releasing it and I think I have a pretty good understanding of all of its concepts because of it.

Incidentally that app I was talking about having to rebuild over 100 times is this very website.

Moreover, in 2015 messengers’ combined user base trumped the number of people using the social media.

According to On Device Research average users have between 2.3 (USA) and 3 (China) messenger apps installed on their smartphones.