Trista and ryan dating before the bachelorette

But it’s really up to you to make a conscious effort to be that positive person—and not only for you, but maybe you can spread the positivity and lift them up as well.”What kinds of activities do you enjoy together as a family? I never would have guessed that I would be in Colorado, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

It’s a wonderful place to raise a family, and they are so active.

“I think we might take the kids to [Ryan’s] parents’ house, maybe go grab a hotel room that night and hang out in downtown Denver.

It is quite a milestone, but we can’t just neglect our children and just say goodbye!

’ I said, ‘Yeah, you get to see him again tomorrow,’ and he said, ‘But is it after school? And [my daughter, Blakesley Grace] is in preschool and she loves it.

Because I really like school—I don’t want to miss school. I know she’ll be the same way when she gets to kindergarten.

[My agent] loved that, and we talked more about how much gratitude means to me in keeping me grounded and lifting me up in the hard times, and we went with it.

I post my favorite part of the day every day on social media as a way to just reflect on the positive and just be grateful for the little things.I just want everyone to find the love that Ryan and I share.So if I can do that in any way, then I’m happy to do so.”Is there one quality above all others you should seek in a life partner?Then for Christmas, it’s going to still be kind of crazy with events for my book and such, so we’ll probably spend a little bit in Vail, which is kind of traditional, and then part of it in Denver as well.”How can parents instill a sense of gratitude in their kids?“I think the number one thing is to be a good role model.