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He is central to his daughter’s achievements today as he was the muse that pushed her to be better. Trish was hurt deeply on hearing the death of her father but she is most grateful that while he was alive, she maximised her time with him.Melissa Stratigeas (younger sister from same parents) Date of Birth: October 22 Christie Stratigeas (younger sister from same parents) Date of Birth: November 20 Trish is the most popular among her sisters but she maintains a close relationship with them.

Gorgeous, powerful and talented; her birth name is Patricia Anne Stratigeas but is globally known her by her stage name Trish Stratus.

With him she has become a mother but she is also a daughter and sister.

Read on to know details about this beautiful athlete.

Varon addressed Doane's allegation in an interview with F4

She says, "KD said a Diva married to someone not in the business who moved from RAW to Smackdown in 2007 was sleeping with John Cena.