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Sonic tries to perform the Speeding Swing Surprise with Tails, but it does not work.When Eggman departs in his Eggmobile after his robot's defeat, Sonic asks Tails what is wrong with him, and as it turns out, Tails is having a crush on a pretty vixen named Zooey.

There’s freakin’ LOADS of room on my list for more traditions, so bring it on.Drink ’til you’re merry then eat ’til you’re comatose.Don’t worry about everyone being American, Brits go MENTAL of Thanksgiving.For example: This is both the absolute best and the super-most-difficult part every year – but it’s an absolute essential.I always want to have a little tear-session after I talk to my fam, but I also know that I’d feel like a big ol’ pile of shite if I didn’t catch up with them. I do these 5 things every year and really REALLY helps.