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Ben Cherington resigned as general manager when he was informed of the announcement, despite Dombrowski reaching out Tuesday and inviting him to stay aboard."We offered Ben the opportunity to stay as GM,'' Dombrowski told USA TODAY Sports. It was in Miami where Dombrowski also got to know Red Sox owner John Henry, who was owner of the Marlins for three seasons while Dombrowski was the GM, leading the club to the 1997 World Series title before Henry's arrival.They stayed in close contact through the years, and when Dombrowski was fired on Aug.5, Henry and the Red Sox were one of three teams who contacted him. They have a lot of good young players at the major-league level, and a lot at the minor-league level.Dombrowski, who had a three-hour interview with the Red Sox on Thursday at the MLB owners' quarterly meetings, told USA TODAY Sports that he also had a formal interview with another club, and spoke with a third club. It's a great opportunity.''Dombrowski, who had been with the Tigers for 14 seasons, says he never really dreamed of being GM of the Red Sox, one of baseball's storied franchises.He is one of the most highly regarded executives in all of baseball, and had options to go with other clubs.We feel very fortunate that he wanted to come to Boston, and wanted to further his career—now with the Red Sox—as one of the great architects of winning baseball clubs."The Red Sox have won three World Series titles since 2004, including 2013, but have fallen on hard times in recent years.It increases your opportunity to make connections you won't make if you stay home and watch TV.Also, let others know what your goal is, and ask them to help by thinking about whom they know who might be a good match for you. You have to circle back around and follow through making sure your number was given, or that you can get a number, thereby closing the deal and setting up a possible meeting, which is just what Katie did. Katie had a variety of different relationships, and dated one man who was much younger.

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Even if you wish you could stay home, make the push because the person you end up meeting that night might be the one, or might become a friend who has a great brother.

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It took just days for Davis Dombrowski to be hired after being fired.

It took just days for Dombrowski to be heavily pursued by three teams, and Tuesday night, 14 days after being fired, the Boston Red Sox announced that Dombrowski will be formally introduced Wednesday as their new president of baseball operations. I understand it would be a transition with him."We have a good professional relationship, but he just felt at the time he really didn't want to stay on board.''Dombrowski told USA TODAY Sports that he still plans to hire a GM, and won't try to do both roles as he did in Detroit.

Dombrowski actually was offered the job Sunday, but the announcement was delayed two days after clearance from the Commissioner's office, since no other candidates, or minorities, were interviewed."It's amazing how quickly things happened,'' Dombrowski told USA Today Sports. I did have other options, but this one stood out, to have the opportunity of joining such a storied franchise with its history and proud tradition. I can't wait to get started.''Dombrowski's first order of business will be looking for a general manager. One of the leading GM candidates is Frank Wren, who worked together with Dombrowski in Florida.