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JT: No, but the honest truth is you get better at it as you see them.Regardless what you see or read about Hollywood television writers, I have to write for myself. AE:当你看到她们俩在荧幕上擦出的火花 你有没有特意的去改变这俩人的种种互动?JT:没有 I’ve been writing television for the last 10 years and I’ve often been the only female on the staff.JT: Yes, she was my best friend for 16 years and she was killed two and a half years ago.AE: Since then had you been thinking of a project that featured women? So much of writing is unconscious and you don’t make the connections.I’m sorry, it’s still actually hard to talk about and it’s her birthday today. I was doing a female buddy cop show when Bill Haber approached me with Tess’ books.

And then we kept pressuring her and eventually she came in and read with Angie.I knew I wanted to do this sort of wonky, nerdish but also fashion-conscious woman.Sasha had all these other things I had thought about.My husband keeps saying, “Stop reading the reviews.” I read a really nasty review. She has a massive female fanbase and I would guess a large percentage are gay or bisexual. AE:说到世事无绝对 那有没有可能 在12季的时候 这俩人在酒吧喝醉了 然后好上了吗?JT:谁知道呢 我现在在写第11集 这是我目前的进度AE: The show deviates from Tess’ series quite a bit, how do you see the books in relation to the show?My life before this was as a journalist and I think the thing that critics forget is people create this stuff. You know, it’s funny, I wondered about Angie when I was constructing “I Kissed a Girl,” because she is very conservative. But, in terms of social stuff, she is not the least bit conservative. JT: Tess has been really wonderful about sharing these characters and pretty much giving them over to me.