Tivo not updating

The device was last manufactured in 2002, but there are still 3,200 Series 1 Ti Vos in active use according to the company.You've got to figure that a fair number of those people have had to replace the internal hard drive once or twice over the years.To resume Guided Setup at the point you left off, press Select.

NOTE: If the device is in Guided Setup, press the following sequence of buttons on the Ti Vo remote to display the software version: Thumbs Up, then Thumbs Down, then Pause, and then Play.

The Ti Vo Series 1 DVR, first introduced in 1999, is about to meet its end.

Ti Vo has recently been emailing customers to notify them that the Philips-manufactured box will be unable to load any new programming information as of September 29th.

Depending on the connection schedule, and whether the device is set up to use broadband or a phone line, it may take from one to several days before you see the new software features on your Ti Vo device.

Once the software is downloaded, the Last Status on the Phone and Network Connection screen will show Pending Restart; this indicates that the box will restart at approximately 2 AM to install the software.