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Add in ornamental features or added structural details, such as a dormer (like the two in the picture above), and suddenly the character of the house is palpable.

It tells anyone looking on, my owner cares about me. While the body is a thing to explore, most will first pay attention to the head to determine, for themselves, the overall aesthetic quality of a home.

We’ll talk about shapes, concepts, pros and cons of various materials, costs, planning considerations and what makes for character (hint: combinations and willingness to be bold with designs).

Whatever your roofing needs may be, we’ve done our best to leave no stone unturned. As exhaustive as our guide may be, it must be emphasized that a quality roofing installer is your best friend in translating design ideas into a finished product that is up to snuff.

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But a roofer is the indispensable craftsman who likely has the experience, knows the trade according to regional traditions and has the process down to a practical science. But functions of a roof are a good place to start on a path toward understanding the science.The value of the roof over your home cannot be overstated.Sure, we all know it’s primary purpose is to protect us from stormy weather and prevent animals who may otherwise drop things on our heads.Fortunately for us, a good contractor will have the science worked out, and regardless of the type of roof we select, make it work for us. What a roof is made of, assuming it is a durable material, is going to provide a degree of natural insulation. Not good is air that is trapped against the roof’s underside.Ideally, the material reflects the heat of the sun, and is allowed to breath, from below, so it maintains a desired temperature. Here is where framing for a roof really starts to matter.