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Another reason they use is Referencing the Durex survey again, about 20% of couples cheat.

When asked where they met their extra-marital or extra-relational partner, the most popular places are: at work, school, or they started as friends.

I feel like cheating is more common than this survey leds on and I wrote about Cheating in Japan if you’d like to hear some stories about my experiences first hand and hearing other people’s.

If you want to cheat that’s cool, but I have a Christian background and old fashioned views. Once you say, “I do,” it’s until death do you part.

He put the fluid in my car and asked if I spoke English.

They return to their own country where they have a chance at love and I don’t blame them.

Most friendships here are very surface level and that’s fine, but I would like to have a group of a few good friends or a way to connect to the cute guy at work that’s not the teacher party where I have to fend off the drunk gym teacher.

The Sagami survey also concludes, Japan is an outlier when it comes to sexually active people in terms of developed countries.

A couple months ago, I was looking for windshield wiper fluid at a Yellow Hat auto shop.

Because I’m technology and car retarded, I asked one of the mechanics there for help.